Get Pure Energy...When you save we earn”


Our Vision for Growing and Expanding Pure Discount Energy, LLC is as follows:

  • Creating a positive work environment, that recognizes and rewards excellence dedication, loyalty, focus and hard work
  • Partner up with ethical suppliers that stay abreast of current market trends and strive to insure competitive pricing to the consumers

  • Continue to improve on training techniques and quality control and insuring that we are totally in compliance with Federal and State requirements
  • Maintaining a high standard of behavior, expectations and responsibility starting at the top






Our Marketing Objectives for Pure Discount Energy, LLC is as follows:
  • Providing a brief education pertaining to the benefits and cost savings of the Deregulation program
  • Providing a no cost no obligation price comparison to the consumer by a third party accounting company which has been in existence since 1995
  • Maintaining regular  contact with our clients, creating and establishing  relationships to ensure a high retention rate



Background of Pure Discount Energy, LLC:


             At Pure Discount Energy, LLC, it is our goal to recruit and train new employees that have a clear understanding of what is meant by ethical behavior and sound business practice.