Get Pure Energy...When you save we earn”




Within the first six months of 2014, our objective is to expand our Commercial Department employment to represent 65% of our total workforce. Due to this expansion of our commercial department, we are confident that we will achieve an increase of commercial sales that will exceed well over 400%. This increase is doable as it is based upon historic sales data from our current brokers.



 To create a long term partner relationship with suppliers that have the same aggressiveness towards increasing market share in territories. This aggressiveness is backed by having a professional, knowledgeable and courteous sales team motivated to provide ethical business standards and prompt service.


Due to our professionalism and quality of our Brokers, we have the aptitude to adapt to different marketing techniques depending upon the size and territories that we are marketing in. Past experience has shown that a successful campaign not only hinges on the marketing strategy but also the diligence, pricing structure and ethical business practice from the supplier.




Pure Discount Energy, LLC is proud of the quality of its upper management /administration personnel experience within the commercial energy industry. They come from some of the very successful marketing organizations where they have had an integral role in developing the respective commercial departments from the ground up. This provided them with an extensive marketing, training, management/administrative and technical hands on experience. The experience extends from negotiating with small type businesses to dealing within the large business sector.



Our client retention and renewal department have a collective twenty years’ experience. Part of our training ensures that our Brokers maintain a consistent correspondence with our clients’ which has resulted in our high customer retention and renewals.



Due to our assembled team and pay structure, we not only recruit experienced brokers that have a clear understanding of not only saving our clients’ money, but more importantly creating long term relationships. This begins and ends with honesty, integrity and an understanding of the supplier and our company expectations.






"Get Pure Energy...When You SAVE we EARN"